Website Development

Our goal is give you a masterfully built website both in design and functionality.  In today’s marketplace, your website is the foundation to your online marketing program.  

What is Website Development?

Website development is the process of creating an effective, functional website to generate potential customer leads for your business. From web design and web content development through to network security configuration and scripting – all components are covered in website development. However, unlike many other developers who speak in “techno jargon,” that you can’t understand, Masterpiece Media ensures you know precisely what is happening throughout the web development process. This is all to ensure everyone is on the same page.

What Do We Do?

The process goes like this:

  • Planning and defining what it is you need in a website
  • Compiling all necessary content and information
  • Choosing photos
  • Designing and constructing the site
  • Reviewing the intial draft with you
  • Making final edits & posting approved site live
  • Marketing it online to increase your online presence
  • Tracking data, maintaining the website and evaluating its efficacy

A custom experience where all your wants are neatly packaged into a fully-functional website that responds to any screen size – be it tablet, mobile, or PC. We pride ourselves on offering effective development and virtual branding, all in the name of making your brand compelling and engaging in the digital world, while being a hub for potential profit. In essence, we develop websites that can translate into leads for the benefit of your business.

Masterpiece Media will be a lead generating machine for you. Our sites are built with the latest technology and are mobile ready.  You can rest assured we build safe and secure websites. We put emphasis on website security to ensure you not only rank better on Google, but both your company and your customers are safe.

We are proud to have our finger on the pulse of being able to create standards-based websites that are both seamless in design yet stand out from the crowd. However, there’s more to it than just making a “pretty website.” We also ensure that it’s set up in such a way as to increase conversions and give you the opportunity to stand leagues ahead of your competition in Google results.

We will also discuss the prospective audience who will visit your website. We want to get to know your needs and doing so can help us develop your website with complete and utter accuracy.

Websites are now a part of everyday business, but it’s not enough to just simply have one. We ensure that you have a unique online presence, all the while helping you to attract a new customer base and be visible in the digital world. We can do this through only the latest design techniques, white hat search engine optimization, multi-channel advertising and real-time analytics to see how you’re placed in the market. The best part is, we can do all of this while making sure your website is compatible on all devices: phones, tablets and every size laptop and PC.

If you’re looking for exceptional web development to cater to your business – large or small – without breaking the bank, Masterpiece has you covered.